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Movement, Strength & Mobility Coaching.

Movement Habits


We believe in teaching a sustainable movement practice that gives you the confidence to perform at your best whilst training and allows you to enjoy life to the fullest outside of the gym.

Matt Bemi-Morrison

(Founder & Head Trainer)

Matt has helped hundreds of individuals in reach their physical goals throughout his career as a Personal Trainer. He offers a range of services specific to the needs of each individual & is focused on the long term, safe and sustainable development of each person. 

Teaching from personal experience supported by decades of learning, Matt takes a keen interest in helping individuals to resolve injuries, and is passionate about helping the community to develop and maintain good movement habits.


What our clients say

"As someone who had never contemplated strength training, my concern with the slow but steady decline in my everyday movements led me to engage Matt's services. I am delighted by the turnaround in my muscle strength and energy levels after only a short period and surprised how easily it has become a permanent and enjoyable part of my lifestyle. I highly recommend Matt's services in providing a professional, flexible program that is simple, effective and sustainable."

Maureen See60 years of age

Matt Bemi-Morrison has been my personal trainer for three years.
During my time with Matt, I have become stronger, fitter, and now have a far greater range of movement.
Matt specialises in Personnel Training with a difference. He has a strong focus on yoga like movements that highlight the glutes, the core and the back. This focus has resolved my underlying injuries and the improvements in my overall health.
Matt is personable, competent, reliable and has a genuine interest in achieving results together.
Thanks Matt.

Ken White68 years of age

I have been training with Matty now for nearly two years. His focus on proper movement habits during our sessions is invaluable! He takes great care in explaining all movement to make sure you are activating the correct muscles and unlocking there full potential! 

He tailored and worked me through a rehab program after a recent shoulder surgery and has got me feeling stronger and more functional than before!

Stu McColl28 years of age

Service Offerings

Personal Training

One on One & Small Group Training

Professional guidance from a Personal Trainer will allow you the confidence to do your best whilst staying safe, and progressing with your training.

Sport Specific & Athletic Development

Sport Specific Training Programs

Targeted Sports Specific Programs are the basis for improving performance in your chosen sport whilst making a more resilient and bulletproof athlete.

Moving Better

Injury Management & Prevention

Concerned about past injuries? We can provide you a safe, progressive and targeted practice to help you enjoy your lifestyle outside of the gym.

Getting Started


Contact Matt

Contact Matt to arrange an initial consultation via phone.
E: [email protected]
P: 0408 718 382
*note initial phone consultations take 10-15 minutes

Initial In-Person Training Assessment Session

Initial Training Assessment Sessions vary dependant on goals and generally take 30-45 minutes.
Sessions take place at either Goodlife Health Club Graceville or alternate arranged location dependant on availability.

Start Tailored Training Program

Training Programs are dependant on client goals to be discussed following the initial assessment session.